CATEGORY: Wound Care

MODULE 1: Skin and Wound Assessment

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The aim of this module is to provide you with a good understanding of the importance of skin and wound assessment when delivering care to your patient or resident.
We hope after completing this module you will have a better understanding of the factors that can impact the skin and wound healing, what to look out for, where to look and how to clearly document your findings.
This module will cover:
Basic anatomy of the 3 layers of the skin and how it works to protect our body during our day to day activity.
We will look at aspects of assessment both holistic and local assessment of the skin and or wound using the triangle of wound assessment as an evidence-based assessment tool.
Included in this we will review the impact of moisture on the skin and how it can lead to skin breakdown.
When documenting your findings its important to use a classification system which we will review for both pressure injuries and skin tears.
Finally, we will cover Wound Bed Preparation concept and the TIME acronym to help you to identify the needs of the wound you are assessing.