CATEGORY: Continence Management

MODULE 3: Incontinence and IAD Prevention

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Incontinence affects 4.8 million Australians and many have skin issues relating to this. We know that IAD is a preventable condition and prevention is the key to maintaining Dignity and comfort in the person living with Incontinence.

The aim of this module, Continence and IAD Prevention, is to increase awareness and provide some tips on preventing incontinence and Incontinence Associated Dermatitis within the HealthCare setting.
We hope you enjoy this module and gain knowledge to assist with providing support for people with Incontinence who are entrusted into your care


By the end of this module, you will learn about:
– What is Incontinence?
– Encouraging Continence
– Healthy Skin characteristics
– Importance of maintaining skin pH
– What is IAD?
– Protection of ‘At risk skin’ Introduction