CATEGORY: Wound Care

MODULE 2: Treatment of Skin Breakdown

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The aim of this module is to provide you with a treatment pathway to help you manage the wounds of the patients or residents you are caring for.
We will explain in more detail the concept of wound bed preparation followed by the TIME acronym to help identify the needs of the wound and discuss treatment options to help you navigate through the challenges of wound management which can be particularly difficult in chronic wounds.
We will cover in more details each of the stages of the TIME acronym and why debridement is so important, look at how to effectively manage biofilm with debridement, review the importance of moisture balance and finally look at the edge of the wound, what that can tell us and how to protect it.
By reviewing these aspects of wound management, you will have a better understanding of the actions required to improve the healing outcomes of your patient/residents wounds and therefore be able to develop a suitable treatment plan to select the most suitable dressing to meet the identified needs of the wound.